Great People, Family Fun, Unique Location … CCYC offers a busy schedule of activities and services that appeal to all boating interests and age groups. We offer top level racing, numerous social events, and a variety of cruising opportunities. Our beautiful clubhouse directly on the water and we have built a tradition of excellence in every aspect of yachting. We are a fun-loving casual group, and CCYC provides a truly comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Membership Categories:

Equity Membership
$999 Initiation Fee
$180.00 Monthly Dues
Reciprocal Privileges

Social Membership
No Initiation Fee
$275.00 Monthly Dues
Upgrades automatically to Equity Membership in 20 months

Military Membership ~ Active Duty Only
No Initiation Fee
$90.00 Monthly Dues
Reciprocal Privileges

Benefits of Membership:

  • Beautiful Bayside Dining overlooking the water
  • Friendly Members and Staff
  • Burgee Bar with Low Priced Drinks
  • Sail your own boat,  or join a crew
  • Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi Spa
  • Reciprocal Privileges with other Yacht Clubs
  • Lots of Fun Events Year Round and much more…..
  • For more information please call us at (619) 429-0133 or email

CCYC Membership Application


NOTE: The actual terms and conditions of Membership are governed by the Coronado Cays Yacht Club By-Laws and Policies of the Board of Directors. The documents are available for our potential and/or current members and are subject to change.